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The Mid Drive Advantage

DreamE and SamE have the power to get you up the hill, ride into the wind, overcome physical limitations, rehab from an injury, and take you farther and faster than ever before!

Having extra power isn't cheating - it's smart!

On the DreamE and SamE, both you and the motor drive the chain and benefit from the gearing of the bicycle. Shifting down allows you and the motor to spin faster, increasing torque – like a car when going up a hill.  Shifting up allows you and the motor to drive the chain in high gear to reach speeds around 28 mph.


When you shift down on an ebike using a hub motor, you  pedal faster but the hub motor doesn’t benefit because it is not connected to the chain.  As you climb a hill and slow down, the motor requires more ‘juice’ from the battery because the motor has no gears.  This drains batteries.  


Consider a car with one gear.  If it was geared for the interstate, it would struggle going up steep grades and could only climb by giving the motor more gas.  If the car was geared to climb, it would be good on hills and start up but it would be terrible at interstate speeds because the motor would be turning at such high RPM’s. 

• Mid drive motor allows you to remove tires like a traditional bicycle.

       No wires to disconnect!

 Mid drive motor utilizes the gearing of the bike for remarkable climbing power and speeds around 28 mph.

• Want even more speed or hill climbing power?  Simply change the bike’s gearing.

 Motor is centered and mounted low on the frame for optimal balance.

• Freewheeling front crank lets you pedal without using the motor, cruise with only the motor, or any combination of pedaling and throttle.  It’s up to you – not a computer chip!

Mid drive allows user to upgrade with Aerospokes - how cool is that?

The Hub Motor Advantage

Although the hub motor won’t take you as fast or as easily up steep hills, they are perfectly fine for the average casual cyclist.  They will propel you around 20 mph and they have enough power to get you up hills with much less effort than you would normally expend.  Their advantage is in the simplicity of being inside the wheel and they are quieter than mid drive motors.  Putting the weight in the front of the bike also helps with weight distribution.  They are also lighter and cost less money than our mid drive motors.


Need more information?

Give us a call if you have further questions.  An electric bicycle is a large purchase and we want you to be confident you made the right decision.   You can reach us about any time at 406/570-1927.